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    The unofficial Georgian Angular guide book, written by me. As a professional lecturer, I have had lot of Georgian resources piled up for Angular framework, so I decided to compile it and put it out for free. This is the most extensive Georgian resource on Angular to date.

  • Full-stack Demonstration

    A little demonstration of my skills using Angular & Nest, featuring all the principles that make up a CRUD app.

  • Angular Lessons in Georgian

    I was the first to ever publish the structured series of Angular lessons in Georgian. The idea to do it came up spontaneously, but I've been doing it ever since.

  • Countryfetch (Deno)

    A CLI tool I made for fun in order to explore Deno. It fetches information about countries and displays ASCII flag art. It gained a fair bit of popularity too.

  • Countryfetch (Go)

    The same idea as its Deno counterpart, but faster and cooler! This was an opportunity to learn Go.

  • CanPress

    R-Markdown style academic press for the web. This is a collection of markdown-it libraries integrated together for the purpose of my (and hopefully others') academic writing needs.

  • Primordial Soup

    My web project where I publish academic style articles and video essays for anyone to explore.

  • Alternate Unconscious: Uznadze's Theory of Set

    Many psychology scholars do not know the gravity of Uznadze's work which is the rare case of successfully studying unconscious with experimental methodology. This was my extensive attempt, with the help from my professors, to bring this important Georgian scientific legacy to a larger audience.

  • The Split Subject: Lacanian Psychoanalysis

    An exploration of Lacan's concept of subject which is integral to understanding psychoanalytic practice and ethics.

  • Blindingly Bright Side: The Problem of Positive Psychology

    It is not all "rainbows and butterflies" in the world of positive psychology. This critique sheds light on some of its flawed epistemology.